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  1. So when i came to Disposition they had obviously already killed G'huun weeks before i even joined them. Even tho i lacked EXP of "high end level raiding" they wanted to try me out due to my hunger and ambition & goals. I joined them on farm and got my CE that way, I played MW monk and a bit of disc for the remaining of farm ( From 8th week - Present) I managed to prove my self being very good and they were quite quick on promoting me due to suprisingly good performance, communication and always striving to learn and improve, asking questions and never hesitate to ask for help if there was something that i felt i was struggling with, but could be a easy solution. Now BoD comes around, and i'm being asked to play MW & Rsham for the progress. Progress went decently fast, got stuck on grong for the first raid night due to our present healing officer believing that we could 5, almost even 4 heal the boss. After i continously sad that we should 6 heal it for a fast kill since the only check on the boss was healing cds and hps output during Tantrum, and small one on roar. I suggested changes to our assigned healing cd rotations and we ended up killing it 2 pulls later. Once we advanced further and got past the other bosses up to mekka decently fast, i started noticing i didn't really like the environment, and felt like the healing team was lacking a voice of a leader. I didn't feel like the healing officer was at a level that we needed and could step up as a voice for us during prep for a encounter. I started question her decisions and making my own idea's of healing CD rotations and assigned roles, etc list moves on. We get to Jaina and i suggested we start with the strongest setup (Which did not include the H-officer, and the healing team agreed) even after that, she was still in. I was sat out on the bench for around the first 100-150 pulls, till they realized it isn't working, i started coming in and we could easily transform towards hitting the wall/seeing the wall for the first time, i also had some input how we should use our wind totems/raid cds even tho it was pretty scripted after seeing method / multiple guilds kill it a certain way.

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