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  2. S H O W B I Z
  3. Wattpad Username: badmsfrosty
  4. Password: will pm!
  5. Face Claim: hxnislee
  6. Backup Face Claim: andy_blossom
  8. Backup Slot: CITIZEN ERASED
  9. Love Interest: Jeon Wonwoo
  10. O R I G I N O F S Y M M E T R Y
  11. Full Name: Choi Sanghee
  12. Other Name: n/a
  13. Nicknames:
  14. > Heechaeg ; called by her brother
  15. > Snowdrop ; called by love interest, as he's seen her doodling snowdrops a couple of times
  16. Birthday: September 2nd
  17. Age: 19 years old
  18. Nationality: Korean
  19. Ethnicity: Korean
  20. Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
  21. Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
  22. Height: 160cm
  23. Weight: 43kg
  24. Blood Type: A+
  25. Gender: Female
  26. A B S O L U T I O N
  27. Background: Choi Sanghee came from an unhappy family, along with her brother Seungcheol. Their father is very abusive and hit his wife and children, been in prison for 5 years for domestic abuse and neglect, while their mother left with all their money in fear and desperation for safety, leaving them on their own. Sanghee had grown to become scared and looks up to her brother, often seeing him as her pillar to stay strong and alive. She has learned to be capable of living without parents and love from them. It was a steady 5 years for her, until her father came back. Despite being imprisoned for his abuse, he continues to be an alcoholic and come back to torment his children, especially Sanghee. She almost got sexually assaulted if not for Seungcheol knocking their father out and asking her to come with them to runaway. She told him she'll come with them, but she has to settle things first with her school and work and will meet them somewhere with maybe a friend.
  28. Personality:
  29. > QUIET
  30. > People don't usually hear much from Sanghee, unless it's a light laugh or a groan while she's reading. During gatherings, she chooses to stay silent even if her facial expressions show she wants to say something. Some people think she's mute sometimes.
  31. > SMART
  32. > Sanghee is very clever from the amount of books she has absorbed in all her years. She doesn't hesitate to correct someone if they're wrong, coming off a smart-ass most of the time. Even so, she takes pride of her profound knowledge.
  34. > Sanghee had seen her fair share of manipulative and abusive people. She had been abused by her own father so many times, that she had developed trust issues. She now tends to push people away limit her contact with people.
  35. > GULLIBLE
  36. > It's pretty easy to trick Sanghee, as she would always listen to what others say. She's easy to direct too, would often be a pawn for a prank or the first domino to start trouble. When she does understand, she would try to correct her mistake.
  37. > CARING
  38. > she's someone who helps people even if she gets hurt in return. Will drop anything for people she really cares about.
  40. > Sanghee doesn't hold for human contact except if it's people who she trusts. Aside from that, she hides behind books. She's not one for going outside for too long unless it's necessary. Sanghee doesn't like gatherings and big crowds.
  42. > There are times when Sanghee doesn't know what to choose. She usually takes a lot of time picking something, whether it be food or a book she's going to buy next. But when she does decide, she doesn't let go of her decision.
  44. > When she manages to put down a book, Sanghee often takes notice of all of her surroundings. If you need details, you can always ask Sanghee for information you might have missed. She's very observant, would often see things people didn't manage to catch.
  45. Family:
  46. > Choi Minhyuk | 53 | father | 3/10
  47. > Choi Eunhee | 44 | mother | 7/10
  48. > Choi Seungcheol | 20 | older brother | 10/10
  49. B L A C K H O L E S A N D
  50. R E V E L A T I O N S
  52. > paperback books
  53. > small spaces
  54. > eggs
  55. > classical piano music
  56. > the smell of freshly printed books
  57. > chocolate mint candy / milkshake - comfort food
  58. > oversized sweaters
  59. > rainy days - she finds it peaceful
  60. Dislikes:
  61. > people asking about her parents
  62. > mayonnaise - it tastes weird for her
  63. > hot weather - she doesn't like sweating unless it's from running
  64. > participating in social events
  65. > disrespectful people
  66. > loud noises
  67. > porcelain dolls - she thinks they're alive and watching her
  68. Hobbies:
  69. > reading books
  70. > doodling
  71. > watching movies
  72. Habits:
  73. > pouting while thinking
  74. > running her fingers through her hair when stressed
  75. > clicking her tongue when she hears / reads something wrong
  76. > covering her head and curling in herself when she hears loud noises
  77. Fears:
  78. > her father
  79. > someone shouting at her
  80. > getting hit on the stomach
  81. Allergies:
  82. > allergic to shrimp and crab
  83. Trivia:
  84. > she has over 100 books in her room, some of them are not returned to the library. She sneaks some books she's interested in out when she works.
  85. > she wants to be an English professor one day
  86. > she stress-eats
  87. > she doesn't like showing so much skin, she fears the bruises would be seen
  88. > she has tried audiobooks and liked it, but it doesn't feel the same as an actual printed copy. Sanghee listens to audiobooks when she's resting
  89. > doesn't work well under pressure
  90. > she knows how to play the piano
  91. > she used to participate in school's track team, but stopped when her mother left
  92. > doesn't really mind skinship unless it's someone she doesn't trust
  93. > she's right-handed
  94. Social media:
  95. > twt: @eggheechaeg
  96. T H E R E S I S T A N C E
  97. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being you don't and 10 being you really want to) how much do you want to run away?:
  98. 10. I really want to leave that house and the memories in it. The more seconds I spend there, the more it feels like I'm going to die.
  99. Are you afraid of getting caught when running away?: Yes, mainly by our father. But I know I can trust Seungcheol and his partner in this.
  100. How did you meet your love interest?:
  101. Wonwoo usually stays at the library to study and read. He's always there when I'm working on my shift, so I get to watch him from afar. I got to know him when he once offered to eat somewhere since it was late and I was closing the library while he was packing his things. I know some about him, he majors in Literature and he loves cats, evident from that cat keychain he has on his bag and one of his notebooks with a cat paw print on them. We talk a lot about book recommendations and places to eat. He vents out his frustrations about his course and he once mentioned his family didn't want him to study Literature, wanting him to be a doctor instead. He was neglected by his family in terms of emotional connection, as his parents were too busy with work and showering his younger brother with love. I don't know if he'd want to runaway if ever I gather the courage to ask.
  102. Slots you're closest to: UNDISCLOSED DESIRES and STARLIGHT
  103. T H E 2 N D L A W
  104. Suggested scenes with other slots:
  105. > getting dragged along with exploring an abandoned place or a restaurant
  106. > staying up so late and having a heart-to-heart talk with them, with Sanghee being hesitant at first but she opens up anyways
  107. > telling MERCY that it's okay to be scared, but they should know they have a new family now with them and they'll never leave them like the others did.
  108. Suggested scenes with love interest:
  109. > Sanghee asking Wonwoo if he wants to run away with her and her friends, and seemingly with no hesitation, Wonwoo agrees
  110. > sneaking out to find a library and steal a couple of books because they didn't really bring a book in this journey
  111. > late night talks about their family, Sanghee opening up to him about her abusive father and the things he did
  112. Suggested places to go to: Jeonju, Ganghwado Island in Incheon, Naksan Beach
  113. Anything I missed?: she brings her sketchbook, pencils and her copy of Alice in Wonderland in her backpack. She took her father's wallet and the first aid kit, along with her savings and the canned food that doesn't spoil easily.
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