zaroncusean the fuckig epix saga

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  1. baron was rubbing his nipples ruefully because he hadn't seen his boyfie zane in twenty years. "oh my god zane toot my fuckin trombone please" he moaned whorishly, fantasizing about the tall, dark, and handsome zane. his fallout shirt had gotten moist from his boyish secretions, but baron didn't seem to care. as he was getting into it, sean walked in the door.
  2. "baron what are you doing" sean asked. "rubbing my nipples sean" replied baron. "ok cool" replied sean. "sean let me see dat brown ass" baron asked. "no that's gay" said mr. luigi man, pulling down his luigi print boxers. "damn" said baron, visibly getting hornier.
  3. "sean baron what are you guys doing" marcus asked, also walking in the open door. "i'm watching baron rub his nipples" said sean. "okay that's cool, i'll do that too" said marcus.
  4. after thirty minutes of baron rubbing his nipples and sean being pantsless, a loud ass crash came from above baron's room. "the fuck is that" asked baron. "idk" replied marcus. "idk" replied sean. "let's go check it out" suggested marcus. the three climbed into the attic of baron's house.
  5. there lay zane, parachute attached to his ass, bleeding profusely.
  6. "zane what happened" asked marcus and baron at the same time. "the parachute didn't open" zane replied. "damn that sucks" responded sean. "show me your ass" requested baron. "no" responded zane. "yes" responded baron. "no" responded zane. "yes" responded sean. "no" responded zane. "yes" responded zane. wait. 
  7. so zane begrudgingly pulled down his boxers too and revealed the cock lock baron made him wear when he had left to pursue his education at mount carmel. "baron get this off" zane said. "okay i'll get you off" baron replied. before zane could say anything baron had lifted zane off the ground and smashed zane's bare ass into his pelvis, like that one vine of rafiki repeatedly raising and lowering baby simba. "oh yeah my dick hurts" baron declared, doing the signature baron ahegao face. "bruh" replied zane, visibly turned on. "bruh" said sean, walking towards the mating duo. "this is epic" declared marcus, the only man with his pants on. marcus pulled out his phone as baron turned zane over, allowing sean to sit on zane's face.
  8. "god fucking dammit sean i can't breathe" declared zane, voice muffled by sean's ass.
  9. "good" replied sean, briefly getting up and slamming down on zane's face. 
  10. "damn this is kinda gay" marcus said expressionlessly.
  11. "marcus it's not gay unless the balls touch" replied baron with his wisdom.
  12. "you're right, my bad" responded marcus, who returned to filming silently.
  13. baron moved zane upright and inserted his pp into zane. both began to make ahegao faces as sean and marcus watched. then baron said "cowabunga" and it was all over. zane was covered with baron's loli juice.
  14. "this is really gay" marcus said. nobody responded, because sean had inserted his pp into zane. more cowabungaing ensued, and sean splurted the gurt all over the attic walls. 
  15. baron said "damn that's hot" and suddenly his weewee went out of control. he began jizzing all over the place, and he covered everything in the room with his man milk. 
  16. "dude my phone" marcus exclaimed, before being up to his nose in baron's sin nectar. thinking quickly, sean the njrotc boot did the navy boy thing and glorped down the baby batter quickly. baron finally stopped jizzing uncontrollably and the four were saved.
  17. "hey zane let's do some bdsm" baron chimed. "fine, b-b-b-b-baka" responded zane the massive tsundere. "i'm not gay though" zane added quickly, before clapping his hand on baron's ass. "oh yeah" baron said. "shut the fuck up" zane said. "ok daddy" baron said, before zane clapped his hand on baron's ass again. baron contorted his face unnaturally into more ahegao faces, much to zane's chagrin. sean tposed over the two because he didn't know what else to do. marcus managed to get his phone working again, so he resumed filming. 
  18. "holy shit guys this entire place smells like semen" aj said, walking into the attic. confronted with the sight of pantsless zane, baron, and sean, as well as baron bent over zane's knee, aj said "what the fuck" and left promptly. 
  19. the end

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