Firebrandt : Tier V

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  1. Firebrandt (Tier v):
  2. Firebrandt is an ash-coloured blade that is always pleasantly warm to the touch. As far as you're concerned, it is your magnum opus - for now.
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  5. Magnum Opus - It gains a bonus perk in item creation, Furthermore, whenever you upgrade it via crafting, you may reroll a single skill check that would have otherwise failed at a +4 bonus, allowing you more chances at unlocking further weapon perks.
  6. Fireforged - It grants you Fire Resistance 10 and Cold Resistance 5. When being struck by fire or cold energy types, if you take more then five damage (past resistances) by it, you gain a +1 Attack bonus, and a +2 damage bonus to Firebrandt until the end of your turn.
  7. Push Limits - When upgrading Firebrandt further, you can attempt to overload it with magical energy to improve it even more. If you do so, it has a 60% Chance of attaining an extra perk on completion, a 35% chance of attaining an extra quirk, or a 5% chance of an extra flaw. You may also use this ability while creating other items aswell, but the chances are 40% for a perk, 45% for a quirk, and 15% for a flaw.
  8. Embers of Life - If you are below 50% of your health, any attacks with Firebrandt gain an additional +1 bonus to attack. If said attacks connect in this state, flame seeps into the blade further, emboldening you, and granting you four hit points per hit. Once you are at 50% HP, or past that, this effect no longer functions.
  9. Celestial Flame : The flame damage that Firebrandt benefits from via the Flaming and Flaming Burst properties is now considered Holy Flame. When striking Evil-Aligned targets or Voidspawn, the damage dice of said flaming damage is doubled. Furthermore, half of it is considered as Untyped Holy Damage, and as such, bypasses Fire Resistance.
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  12. Glimmersmoke (3 Glimmer) - You can spend glimmer as a move action, and cause the blade to exude a wispy, silver smoke around you. All attacks against you and any allies adjacent to you have a 35% chance of missing. This smoke lasts for two rounds, and also grants Fire Resistance 10 to any ally upon them - this stacks with any Fire Resistance they may already have.
  13. Intensify Flames (4 Glimmer) - Furthermore, you may spend four glimmer as a swift action to instead cause the blade to emit a dull, orange glow. This causes it to gain the flaming burst property for a number of rounds equal to your HD/2. Additioanly, If Firebrandt has the Flaming property, then the damage dice on the flaming property is increased by to 2d6 instead.
  14. Elemental Alignment (6 Glimmer) - You can cause Firebrant to burst into flames. By spending a swift action, you can convert any damage done by Firebrandt into pure fire (exudes a warmer aura, deals only fire damage, instead of weapon damage) or a strangely cool blue flame (Exudes a cold aura, deals only cold damage, instead of weapon damage) - this is decided upon the activation of the ability. This form lasts for four rounds, and any critical hits on fire form cause the opponent to immediately be burning, while any critical hits on the cold form cause the enemy to make a FORT Save (DC 10+CHA+HD) or be staggered for a round. Any attacks that connect while in this form heal two hit points for yourself. This stacks with your passive effect when you are below 50% hitpoints. This ability has a minor interaction with Celestial Flame - it does not cause your damage to be doubled upon taking the fire form, but it still considers half of it as untyped Holy Damage.
  15. Blazing Needle (10 Glimmer) - By spending ten glimmer, you may overcharge the blade with magical energies, before surging forward in a burst of light. As a standard action, you may perform a Line attack that can extend up to 60 feet. Make an attack against everyone in said line. You deal damage equal to your standard melee attacks. After said strikes, you are transported to the opposite end of the line you drew. Said line area remainins burning for two more rounds, dealing 2d6 damage to anyone standing in it. Said area is considered DT to anyone that lacks some form of fire resistance.
  16. Phoenix Blast (13 Glimmer) - As a standard action, you may strike at an enemy with Firebrandt, and cause a burst of flame behind them that is powered by both yours and their life energies. Make an attack with a +4 bonus against a target. If it connects, it deals your normal damage, plus half of your HD in d6's in fire damage. Shortly afterwards, a 30-foot cone of flame erupts from behind your target, dealing 5d8+15 damage to any enemies around it (REF save DC 10+ Your HD + CHA to halve), while also healing any allies within it's range by 5d8+15 hitpoints, aswell. This healing counts as the Breath of Life spell, albeit any ressurections caused by this attack give you a temporary negative level, aswell.

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