step to recover Facebook profile without email

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  1. Steps To Recover Hacked Facebook Profile Without Registered Email:
  2. 1⃣ First of all you need to enter the email address or Phone number in the field at top right and you will see screen that will ask you that you had forget the password.
  3. 2⃣ Now simply click on the option Forget Password to see all the possible recovery solutions for it.
  4. 3⃣ Now you need to enter your username email or phone number to identify your account.
  5. 4⃣ Now you need to click on the option no longer access to these and you will move to next page.
  6. 5⃣ There enter any of your new email address to get it registered and then repeat the same on another text field.
  7. 6⃣ Now you will move to next page where you need to enter the answers of all the security questions that you had saved while creating your account. And if you enter them wrong them you can’t access your account, so fill them correctly.
  8. ✅  Thats it ♥
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