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  1. [ MAIN FORM ]
  2. USERNAME • @OohTen
  3. NAME • Hyo Minjie
  4. NICKNAME/S • Hyu, Minji
  5. AGE • 19
  6. BIRTHDAY • 29th of April
  8. Palan-Wan-Gul.
  9. Northwestern South Korea
  10. •••
  11. •••
  12. SLOT • NC-17
  13. BACKUP • Yosemite
  14. FACE CLAIM • g idle shuhua
  15. BACKUP •clc Eunbin
  17. Piercings -
  18. she thinks that those are the one thing that she could never have enough of. she has gotten a few with every individual one having a meaning behind it.
  19. encouraging/motivating others -
  20. loves seeing that spark of determination and motivation hit people just by her words. she doesn't want people sulking around so she tries to help them with her words
  21. Mangoes and rootbeer - she grew up eating those and loves them
  22. exploring -
  23. learning about how different some places culture is, is so interesting. like how different everyone really is fascinates her. meeting new land and people is a joy for her.
  24. working hard -
  25. she loves it when she knows she worked hard and gets that amazing feeling after doing something successfully.
  26. playing around -
  27. she loves to make everyone happy and play jokes with the crew. she wants them to feel close like a family by this.
  28. DISLIKES •
  29. Running - she isn't that sporty and wont be anytime soon. she ran enough from home and doesn't want to do it again.
  30. Cooking - she can't bring herself to successfully cook something so she has given up. she'd rather just snack cause it doesn't need to be made/cooked.
  31. Bad people - she can't stand when people take power over others who are weaker than them.
  32. Skinship - but with people who she doesn't know. she's afraid that they're like her father and turn disgusting like him at one moment. she doesn't like when people hug, touch, pat, poke her at all.
  33. Power thirsty people - people who just want ot all and want it even more. people who do disgusting things to get power. for exapmle-the government, they killed his father to probably stay more powerful and show that nobody should run a silly club against them.
  34. •••
  35. •••
  37. - sensitive towards criticism
  38. Her father very otften called out her weaknesses and where she lacked skill and look wise and told her to fix herself. He did ot daily and he yelled it in her face. It always made her break down right then and there.
  39. Now is no different, she gets panicky and shaky, she tries her best not to cry but it ends up happening.
  40. - caring
  41. Being in her home she didn't feel that cared for only her mother who didn't do much about her. The crew is her new family and doesn't want to lose them so she gives all her care to them.
  42. - stealthy
  43. When living in that hell hole she has learned a lot about steath and what not to do. She can walk out of intense situations. She also uses it to sometimes scare people because that's fun.
  44. - adventurous
  45. She can't help but feel at bliss when she's heading towards somewhere new, she loves seeing how different towns can be. Sailing on the sea is definetly one of her favourite things cause she doesn't know what to imagne their destination place as.
  47. She grew up in a normal household, they had money and showed her love, her birthdays were full of happiness and she couldn't be happier half of her childhood.
  48. But when she turned eleven things started going sour. His father would abuse her whenever she disobeyed to him. The thing is - he did it when the mother wasn't around.
  49. He threatened her whenever she wanted to get help from her mother so she stayed silent and cried herself to sleep everynight.
  50. She snuck out often at night to go for a walk and calm herself. Until one day when she finally had it, she had a moment alone in the house so she took her chance and ran, ran, ran, for as long as she was willing to.
  51. LOVE INTEREST • Seonghwa
  52. BACKUP • San
  54. She has two ear piercings on the top of the ear and the bottom on her right ear.
  55. She has only two bottom ones on her left ear
  57. Nobody knows that she ran away from home at first. Her mother is very worried and heartbroken cause she doesn't know why she ran and she has no clue if she's still alive.
  59. Okay I am so in love with the idea of this fic and it sound so amazing.
  60. Also please tell me of something doesn't fit or need fixing

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