Howtale; Chapter 1

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  1. So there Chara stood to see the spectacle of moon and flame lit horizon. A darker green than she ever thought was possible on it's outside. On the inside, the dark green getting jaggedly brighter until the trees seemed orange toward the back center. The fires of the monster camp illuminating both the end of the forest, and the beginning of Mt.Ebott.
  2. Maybe the forest wasn't truly as dark as it looked, she thought. But- between the near blinding tunnel vision focus she had on her admittedly dark destination, and the darker open valley between her and that forest, as well as the mountain- the line of trees she had just watched her fathers army enter seemed yet darker.
  3. So through the open field Chara sprinted to quickly clear the long distance she has maintained to not be seen. The last person she could see by moonlight shimmering from their armor had disappeared into the green void. Now was the time for Chara to act.
  4. This routine was completely ritual to her now, flanking around the main battalion being child's play as far as tactics go, that she had already calculated just how sideways she should run, opposed to the straight path the Emperor's soldiers had traveled.
  5. She had vowed to be an assassin of monsters the first time she had ever gotten dust on her hands, struck with an awesomely sickening excitement at the age of six that she had instantly become fundamentally dependent on.
  6. A moment before, a hostile monster had found her alone, and beat her to death.
  7. A moment shortly afterward, she had discovered she had an ability anyone else of her kind would dream to have.
  8. The very moment all her blood had left her body- and she'd drawn her last breath- she was suddenly back to the very moment the monster that killed had come out of hiding to ambush her.
  9. In that moment, after her retaliative punch had completely disintegrated the creature, she had decided that her destiny would be to kill monsters.
  10. In the past five years, she was already so good at it, that trained human killers thrice her age began to change their tone when she would enter the bar. Including the bartender, who within the last year had the emperors pardon to allow the child one drink. Usually, the bartender would be left baffled as Chara got completely loaded from one shot.
  11. Chara chuckled for a brief moment at the though that this was incidentally her one shot to make the monster threat disappear completely. The dumb old man only wanted to banish them.
  12. That wasn't enough for Chara. So what was she to do, other than disobey the supreme ruler of humankind?
  13. She would only have the opportunity to kill one monster. Any moment now, Asgore, would be face to face with Chara's parents. That was her chance.
  14. With their King dead, they'll at least lose all hope of trying to escape.
  15. Finally hearing the rattling of the battalions armor to her right, she slowed down.

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