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  2. BTS AF | cherrytokyo
  3. ❀ ONE
  4. USERNAME ❊ cherrytokyo
  5. SLOT ❊ the good kush
  6. FULL NAME ❊ maëlle aaron [ mali ]
  7. AGE ❊ 23 years old
  8. GENDER ❊ female
  9. FACE CLAIM ❊ @/maracalli
  10. BIRTHPLACE ❊ granby, canada
  11. HOMETOWN ❊ quebec, canada
  12. ETHNICITY ❊ canadian
  13. NATIONALITY ❊ half canadian half french
  14. ❀ TWO
  16. « i have a pretty sad background for someone who’s still so dumb »
  17. mali was born the 21th of june, 1995, and life decided to curse her or something.
  18. last daughter of her two very successful parents, an emotionally constipated engineer and a loving bilingual translator, her first years weren’t really interesting. until she was five she grew quite normally, fighting with her brother, making friends, swimming and pools and giggling about the most stupid things. everything her parents would’ve expected despite the huge contrast in personality she had with her older brother. the years before school started went fine. mali was an energetic and bright kid, everyone was sure she’d fit right in.
  19. of course she didn’t.
  20. as a bright and strong kid, mali scared the hell out of others with her bratty behavior and slightly advanced skills. she was often bored, so she’d steal her brother’s textbooks and learn by herself, which caused her to have an advance. now bored in the class too, when games were played she showed a lot of enthusiast that often turned into plain brattiness that threw off the teachers. she’d have angry red faces in her little book that teachers asked kids to give to their parents every night and her favorite teacher even called her parents to warn them that if her behavior didn’t change, she’d have chances of becoming a bully later. for two years, mali was a feared child, known for throwing pens, cardboards and killing everyone with a single glare ( plus her infamous oral presentation about the diplodocus and why it was cool ).
  21. then seb aaron got a new job, which was literally at the other end of the province. so when she was newly seven, mali and her family left granby, heading for a little village located in the most unknown place of the world. a windy place with a house that cracked and shook more than her brother when he fell down the stairs. little mali wasn’t really mad, she was kind of happy. she thought she’d have new friends, to find a reason to be happy and she was sure that everything would be fine.
  22. was it? no. it got worse.
  23. it’s where mali’s life started to fuck up at many points, her small head not understanding the situation she was just put in. she tried her best to be friends with everyone. introduced herself brightly, smiled, when to see them to ask to play and was really friendly in hopes to find a friend. and in the small moments where people paid attention to her, she beamed so happily, feeling like her heart was about to beat out of her chest like in the comics she read. it’s when she turned eight, a year after she moved in the little village, a year of little whispers but moments of attention that made her happy, that things took a shape.
  24. julie, one of the girls in her school, despite being eight, wanted more attention. it’s why she started rumors about mali, nastily talking about the little girl being a liar, taking as an exemple moments where she got so excited to when she blurted out sentences they sounded quite unrealistic and a little too enthusiast to be true. unimpressively, kids went along with julie and started talking about mali, who started to feel more and more isolated. nobody would talk to her. they just snickered and looked at her. the year only got worse when her teacher revealed herself to be quite disdainful towards kids with ADD, ADHD or a syndrome similar to it. for the rest of the year, while she was alone, her teacher called her drawings stupid, called her dumb, made her redo assignments and stuff like that while others just.. laughed. happy. together. united.
  25. growing up more, around nine to ten years old, mali started to feel angry towards others instead of feeling sad. it was a lot of pent up sadness and loneliness that bundled into a tight anger that formed into her small body. she grew more aggressive at school, biting back at others and snapping. the treatment got worse, of course, she’d been pushed into lockers and even got called mean names, but people of her age, in her class, the ones that were with julie but weren’t her older puppets, they left her alone. probably scared. probably to busy laughing at her. she didn’t care. she was tired.
  26. fights erupted there and there. mali was quick to snap at anything, little fists clenching. it only got worse when she was eleven to twelve, her vocabulary and bitterness growing more and more. she’d become a challenge. kids would bet on who would anger her the fastest. teachers to who mali tried to talk just said that he she actually did an effort, maybe she’d be able to fit in, but she just felt like she wasn’t, wouldn’t and would never into that group. or maybe any group. she was too different, like a freak, which what others said she was like. the anger didn’t die down but a cold sadness accompanied it, appearing through tears choked up at night. her parents never knew, until they did.
  27. utterly devastated by a comment made about her teeth, that were crooked and yellow ish, mali came home and cried in her mother’s arms for an hour, too tired to fight back her emotions like she did every single other day. her mother was there to hug her until the pain slipped away and that she fell asleep. barely days after, shaky days where mali wasn’t sure how to feel, her dad announced that he had found another job in quebec city. they were moving again.
  28. the last two months until they moved went by fast. a weird kind of relief was there in her heart every time mali fought or bit back to someone pushing her. four days before the end of school, older people from the kind of equivalent of high school but in canada came in the school. after a p.e class, mali went in the bathroom to change but an older boy she didn’t recognize was waiting for her. he talked to her sweetly but her, not trusting him, snapped at him and told him to get the fuck away. pissed, he took a hold of her blue shirt and dragged her in a bathroom stall before making her kneel, pushing her head towards the toilet.
  29. mali had never felt so horrible during those four minutes. head pulled in the water, humiliation crawled up her veins, tears building up and lungs burning. in a small moment where she started to see black, she wished to be... taken away. everywhere but here. when footsteps got close, the boy released her and went away quickly, leaving her sobbing and crying, gasping for air.
  30. she never talked about it to anyone.
  31. the last days were made of her pretending to be okay, smiling and playing with others who weirdly wanted to play with her, until she went away. the last day of school, they cried. other kids cried. but mali didn’t felt sad for them. she felt as if it was foreign and distant, like they weren’t crying for her. she never knew if it was right.
  32. she moved without saying goodbye to anyone in her school, who moved on quickly, unimpressively.
  33. on the road and during the summer where they unpacked all of their things slowly and happily, mali felt as if she could start over again, maybe make new friends. they had a dance option in her school, she’d be good to make friends right? well, again.
  34. no.
  35. everybody stared at her as they realized she wasn’t one of them, that she was from outside. a twinge of constant nervousness was born in her heart and wouldn’t go away, so much that she closed herself even more. still marked by her previous school experience, she had quite a resting bitch face, eyes bored and long, and was quick to snap on everything. people jumped on conclusions and started saying she was pretentious, probably thought better of herself. and in dance? same thing. people thought she was dumb.
  36. but mali didn’t really help with her behavior either, it was sure. a lot of bark and less bite, she got angry easily and tried to play cool to make friends. didn’t realize she was crafting her own coffin by doing that. the first year was spent over changing friends that weren’t really friends and that twinge of nervousness growing bigger and bigger as she tried to make friends. she fought a lot with people, still. especially ziha lyu , in her dance group, who snapped back at her too.
  37. unexpectedly, the next year, things were a mix of bad and good. while the twinge of nervousness grew bigger everyday that passed by due to the whispers about her and the older people in her school who liked to prank younger girls and said crude things about her body, ziha and her unexpectedly became friends and along the way, they met sally leighton, who, with her bubbly personality and loud laughs, made the girls feel happy.
  38. things started to grow slowly. influenced and helped by her two new close friends, mali grew less snappy, more calm and felt more safe. the nervousness didn’t disappear and the impulsiveness still stayed there, but it was a start. people were still mean but sometimes, despite her shaking hands and ragged breaths, she found a way to overcome it. things got better, slightly.
  39. next year. mali is now fourteen.
  40. it’s kind of a weird year, but it settles down a little. the nervousness revealed itself to be actually be social anxiety, and mali never knew how to handle the fact that she could put a name on her problem. she went to see a psychologist at school to help her overthrow the stress that was school in general. even if she often felt dumb, stupid and scared while being in class, she felt the calm within knowing that in two years it would be over. it was more or less of a happy ending in the middle of constant groping, terrible comments and mental breakdowns but also laughter, good grades and stable friends. when she finished school under her parent’s constant pressure and nervous fits, she did the only thing that seemed accurate to her: she got the fuck out of her house.
  41. it’s not that she didn’t like it.
  42. mali just couldn’t deal with her father. being raised in france, where education was much stricter that in canada, he put a lot of pressure on her to make her work impossible hours when she got home, the only where she could find the smallest bits of peace. she couldn’t handle more panic attacks and crying so when she was legal ( when she finished school since she had started one year older than everyone ), she simply did what her instincts told her to do after saying goodbye to her mom warmly and hugging her.
  43. sally was against it. mali moving to europe to go see her native family and spend time with her grandparents before their death wasn’t her favorite option because it meant she couldn’t be there, and a possible separation stung. sally kept blaming mali for not loving her enough and eventually, mali snapped at her and left without saying anything. guilt ate her alive but eighteen years old her just couldn’t stay. couldn’t handle dealing with everything that reminded her of the reason why anxiousness grew so much.
  44. she had a little job in a cafe as a waitress, and took online classes in english. bored out of her mind, not doing much when she wasn’t helping her grandparents ( despite being thankful! ) or working. it’s why mali started to look for language to learn, always having been bilingual and having facilities with them. her two choices were italian and korean, first one being from her lost origins, which would allow her to go visit as a major plus, and korean because of its complexity and melodious tone. it’s how for the next three years, mali jungles between finishing her college years ( it’s shorter in france ), perfecting her four languages and working at the same time she danced.
  45. but she couldn’t always stay peaceful.
  46. her grandparents died both one after the other, a one month gap that happened to also open a deep scar in her heart. destroyed beyond belief and barely hanging alive, after a month of not eating, barely sleeping and hyperventilating for nothing, her cousin found her and sent her to the hospital, worried about her.
  47. three months after staying in the hospital for her to be healthy again, mali started looking for a job somewhere else, or a university program. it’s when she came across one publicity about an university in the usa, one that incorporated dance. not thinking twice, mali took the money she inherited from her work and her grandparent’s death to move in the usa to start a new life.
  48. the guilt and the anxiety was there but loneliness wasn’t something she never dealt with. after a while, the pain disappear and mali just shielded herself until she could forget a little bit.
  49. it’s not always a good day but we learn from our mistakes. mali restarted her life five times, she could make it out one time.
  51. ❊ CLAUDE AARON | 50, translator
  52. her mother.
  53. the two of them had always been close to each other, holding the other through the worst times. mali has always been really attached to her, claude being the only one to who she confessed everything. she looks a lot like her mother. goodbye was probably the hardest thing mali had to say to her. they still call and discuss a lot about everything they want to talk about. she could never replace her. she’s the person mali cares about and loves the most. talk trash about her mother and you’ll lose your ability to make kids.
  54. ❊ SEB AARON | 54, engineer
  55. her father.
  56. they both always had a rocky relationship. he was an impulsive successful man that worked with nothing more than logic. she was an impulsive mess of emotions that trusted nothing but art. the places where they collided together had different temperatures and felt distant. they never understood each other despite the love they shared. and when seb started to suffocate her with his impulsive insults, glares, pressure and comments, that love faded slightly. it’s why she had no problem with going away. it’s why she still misses him.
  57. ❊ KYLE AARON | 25, cost guard
  58. her brother.
  59. they never were really close as he kept invading her private life and telling shit about her to her parents but mali still cared about him. in the middle of petty fights were actual fights directed towards his security and toxic people that hovered around him, ready to attack. she’s always been protective over but when he moved in another province for his cost guard job and ignored all of her messages, mali gave up after a moment and decided that she’d better not burden him and let him be happy. she saw him only once after he left. his grandparents’ funeral. he didn’t even comfort her.
  60. ❊ SALLY LEIGHTON | 25, unknown.
  61. her ex-best friend.
  62. sally and mali were quite a weird pair. while the older too was having struggles with foster families, what to do with her future and moments of sadness, they still managed to find happiness and comfort through the other by talking and making jokes. it’s how mali got her ears pierced, how she dyed her hair for the first time, and much more. they still kind of fought a lot sometimes, both having strong personalities and mali growing a little more sensitive as time passed by. eventually their last fight totally separated them and mali still sent an apology after she left, and apology sally read but never replied to. it stung, but she kind of expected it to be quite honest.
  63. ❊ ZIHA LYU | 23, archeologist
  64. her best friend.
  65. ziha and mali, after hating the other when they were twelve, became the other’s best friend when they were thirteen. they were an instant click after the one summer that allowed both to grow up. always being in the same class, or nearly so, they’ve been help for the other a lot. ziha being strong, bright, happy and kind, the perfect best friend, mali relied a lot on her and when it was the time to help her, she was always there. she’d never trade her for anything. ziha was comprehensive of why she left despite being against it and the two of them chat and video message a lot, even if it is not reality, it’s still better than losing the other. ziha is planning a trip the usa to visit her and study monuments.
  66. ❊ JESUS VALENI | 24, waiter
  67. her ex-coworker slash mate.
  68. mali’s first job in the usa was being a waitress in a small bistro. surprisingly, there was another guy there that worked and that wasn’t a native american. jesus valeni [ “it’s pronounced “rheh-suss” elly!” ] was an hispanic quite cynic straight waiter who liked to talk to her about the girls that passed by. the two of them bonded quickly and became mates that helped the other through the slight struggle that being a foreigner was. mali quit the job after a while but they still talk a lot, especially since the cafe is always where she goes to study since it’s close to her little apartment.
  71. literal soulmates. even if they’re kinda the pink house and black house meme, mali being the black house, they still get along extremely well. talking at impossible hours and busting randomly in the other’s class just to say stupid shit they’re most likely to regret later. mali is his “wingman” and forever dedicated protector and namjoon offers her the stability and advice she lacks. they have a weird relationship that had sometimes been chaotic but they just complete the other like that ying-yang shit. don’t interrupt their conversations, you won’t understand anything anyways.
  72. ❊ MIN YOONGI
  73. the two of them met through their mafia reputation. mali having bruises on her fists for often fighting back against people when they provoked her and still having the same resting bitch face she had when she was twelve, she’s been labelled as a capo, so a worker that does the dirty job for others. yoongi just so happens to have the same reputation so when they both started cursing at the other in class, nobody expected them to actually get along well when the teacher paired them together as a consequence. they’re the scary friends that talk about satanic stuff.
  75. when will they ever stop fighting seriously? mali kinda being a brat once you get to know her, seokjin may have been fooled by her quiet exterior once, but not twice. the older yells at her and she just answers something frustrating calmly as a clapback, which leads to even more shocked yelling about respect. even if seokjin’s always ready to whoop her ass, in small moments, mostly to talk about food, they find a way to get along. they’re infamous for being a a lady of the “infernal trio” which is composed of jeongguk, her and him. infernal trio because of you let them be together more than five minutes seokjin will loose his mind.
  77. do not let them around each other. i repeat, do not let them around each other. it ends in three possibilities. a fight. them plotting against everyone evilly. mali going soft for him and just cherishing him for a while before they get into a stupid fight. both little shits and people that act though ( don’t tell elly that jeongguk’s actually scared of her ), they get along well but their dramatic asses fight for literally nothing. mostly over anime and studio ghibli films. yet in small moments mali, who had a soft spot for him, just sits down calmly and listen to him just talking about how much he struggles with his crush and gives him advice. but they’re small moments. don’t trust their looks. they’re pure evil.
  79. accurate relationship of mali resenting him and hoseok being curious about her yet done with her. it’s simple, mali is kinda quiet when she doesn’t know her surrounding, which leads her to knowing a lot of gossips, and hoseok knowing everything is something that she knows too, which is why she avoids contact with him. she admires him and lot and absolutely thrives to be like him ( about dance and intelligence ) but is kind of too anxious around him to talk to him. being secretive and liking that privacy, she just resents him even tho hoseok has been nothing but kind to her.
  80. ❊ PARK JIMIN
  81. they really started of the wrong foot, mali being kind of asshole-ish at first sight and jimin being the same when you don’t know him, but they’re slowly gathering their shit, most likely through others and doesn’t understand why they don’t get along despite being similar. they’re awkward around the other and doesn’t know how to act which can sometimes lead to fight due to jimin’s pettiness and mali’s lack of talent when it comes to social interactions. they still secretly care about each other and please don’t tell the other that it is indeed them who leaves the other food and weather bottle during dance practice sometimes.
  83. taehyung intimidates the shit out of mali. she gets really insecure and awkward towards people that she puts a lot above herself, hoseok as an example, and he is no exception. his talent in music and his beauty, plus his way of just assuming himself makes her really doubtful and she literally feels like a sack of shit besides him. it’s why she’s so quiet and discreet around him, almost wanting to blend in her surroundings. he really scares her, probably too much to be honest.
  85. she both scares and amuses mali. for her, ROAD WORK AHEAD is just a big hurricane storming through life and school. she wouldn’t get in her way, obviously, but mali finds it funny to either challenge her discretely, like in p.e class, ( before regretting it because when is she not regretting everything ) or just observe her way of acting. mali holds respect for her as she is an hardworking person, but sometimes thinks that she should really just chill for once. really, like, she won’t die if she doesn’t get the first role.
  86. ❊ MS. KIESHA
  87. since when do they get along honestly? MS. KIESHA and mali’s relationship was actually a surprise to almost everyone but mali herself. the older is really a safe place for her and probably the third person she feels the closest to, competing with ziha after her mom and namjoon. MS. KIESHA’s mom side and appreciation for small things really makes mali feels better and even as she sometimes is an asshole towards her, and feels guilty about it, their relationship is calm and steady, exactly what they both needed.
  89. they argue in languages or just stay five feet away from each other because what is affection? honestly they both kinda are petty towards the other and won’t let go of it. mali sometimes gets annoyed by his childishness and stays away from him in order not to be mean and HURRICANE TORTILLA often doesn’t like elly just almost being a plant when she’s in public. if they both got close to the other maybe they’d be friends but they just can’t interact. it’s cringe worthy.
  90. ❊ I’M LESBIAN
  91. mali and him gets along well but they probably don’t even realize it. their main subject of discussion is music as she totally fawns over him singing and sometimes they argue over him being a bottom, mali being absolutely convinced he is one and saying that he’s obviously a twink ( just like everyone around him ). he bitches a lot to her and she just listens to him and it’s fine he doesn’t need opinions anyway. his pride his hurt since they day mali won their arm wrestling match but don’t tell her, she’d be too happy.
  92. ❊ ZACH STOP
  93. the advocates for the gays and the most impulsive dumbasses. honestly what the fuck are they even doing. either fighting about nothing or talking about art, they are friends that will jump into the other’s stupidity. even if sometimes they look like they’re about to kill the other and then just smiles at the other before going away, they both appreciate the other. mali will fight for him and nobody can convince her otherwise. the love hate sarcastic relationship almost everyone expected.
  94. ❊ SO NO HEAD
  95. it’s not that mali has the biggest crush on them but it’s exactly that. she just easily gets flustered around them and regret her actions because she think she’s dumb 25/7 but yeah. nobody will ever know that she’s crushing on them ( except namjoon ) because she’s discreet one but she will take that crush to her own grave without ever telling them. she literally thinks they’re the epitome of cool and secretly dies every time they do something attractive but also wants to beat their ass for being so stupid. it’s weird.
  98. which is her ultimate phobia. at the sight of open wounds, which means, you can parts of what lays beneath the skin, mali starts to whiten, shake and will eventually throw up and let her legs give out. she can’t stand the sight of it and will eventually need to move despite not feeling like she is able to. that phobia developed when mali had to see disturbing images of wounds while taking a swimming lesson ( the ones that explain the basics of healing and all ). since that day she’s been utterly sick at the sight of open wounds. blood isn’t included.
  99. ❊ BIG CROWDS
  100. her social anxiety acting. the presence of crowds itself isn’t what scares her, but the feeling that comes with being part of one. the constant impression of having eyes ranking over her, the doubt that comes, the shakiness that spreads in her whole body and the way breathing becomes harder and harder by the second. anxiety is like something that slowly crawls up your skin until it eats you whole and it is why mali avoids them. they bring her nothing but anxiety, self loathing and unnecessary moments of shame.
  101. ❊ CRABS
  102. she’s just always been utterly scared of them and do not ask why, she herself absolutely doesn’t know why. ever since she was a kid, mali developed that weird phobia of nearly everything that lived deep down in the ocean, but mostly crabs. they scare the fuck out of her and she’ll probably never get over it. namjoon pouts and complains because he can’t talk about them with her but honestly he finds it cute how she just literally screams and puts her hands on her ears.
  104. mali cannot support little closed off spaces that make her feel trapped. the ultimate sentiment of helplessness drives her totally crazy, on the verge of hysteria. do not let her in one. she herself thinks that maybe it is from the.. day in the bathroom, but she doesn’t question it that much because of the memories attached to it. it doesn’t change anything anyways; her feeling trapped leads to her having major anxiety attacks that can lead her to the hospital in one go.
  106. it’s not like really the phobia at its highest point but trypophobia is one of mali’s ultimate quirks. weird pierced slightly round things makes her highly uneasy and gives her the creeps. it weakens her to her knees, she finds it absolutely disgusting and wants it to be taken away automatically. it’s maybe because trypophobia was associated with skin diseases for a long time, but god it grosses her out and makes her think about horrible things no one would look at. seriously, don’t play with those phobia if you want to avoid puke and death.
  107. ❊ ADD
  108. which is probably her biggest weakness if you don’t count her anxiety issues and existential crisis about nearly every single thing that breathes or doesn’t somehow. ADD makes her easily distracted, makes her head turn in many directions and kinda already sets her on the wrong foot for social interactions. it’s really hard to explain but every little sound or noisy habit someone has is like multiplied by ten and attires your attention automatically, to the point where you forget absolutely everything you were doing. with people it’s a struggle because it comes off as rude when you’re just talking and someone drops his van so you look at it and when you go back to the conversation, you don’t even know what you were talking about. with life in general, it makes it harder to study or concentrate on any situation where quietness isn’t present.
  109. ❊ INSOMNIA
  110. which gives her many disadvantages, but mostly her resting bitch face. it took mali a shit ton of concealer before finding the one that hid the horrendous dark bags under her eyes. insomnia keeps her up nearly all night, night that she spends either writing, drawing or listening to music and watching the silent street weirdly obsessively. while she can sometimes make it useful, to study or to practice her languages in the silence, most of the time it just adds on her back tiredness, headaches and irritation towards every loud sound. sleeping pills knock her out for too long so she doesn’t have a choice but to bear with insomnia, even if all she desires is a good night of sleep. maybe one day she’ll have one.
  111. STRENGTHS ✿
  112. ❊ SPORTS
  113. canalizing energy and impulsiveness in playtime had seemed to be a bad idea so seb aaron decided to introduce her daughter to sports when she was six, making her play soccer. ever since, mali never stopped doing sports. it’s been seventeen years that she’s been alternating between many sports, quitting some and joining others, but keeping her in shape despite her bad eating habits and day laziness. she’s the perfect teammate and can play nearly every sport you can think of, except of really weird ones like muggle quidditch. moreover, mali is an athletic person that is in shape.
  114. ❊ ART
  115. who had always been her passion. when i say art i mean dancing, drawing, painting, writing and music. she maybe can’t play any other instrument than the guitar, poorly, not be able to write or compose music or sing or rap, not be able to do poetry, she still always does her best and is a hundred percent invested in anything that concerns it. she’s kinda good at drawing and painting, not especially talented but still doing her best and always trying to improve. art is just something she dearly appreciates and actually feels somehow talented at. it’s her proudest achievement in life probably. she knows way too much about the history of art and will not shut up about it.
  116. ❊ LANGUAGES
  117. which was always her biggest easy subject in school, so she decided to push her luck. being bilingual at the humble age of thirteen, mali started learning languages aside of school to save time and do something productive, and never stopped ever since. she’s not like a super involved about it or something like that but she’s really passionate about being able to communicate with other through different languages, even if she probably won’t be able to show it since she sucks at interacting. she’s not a language maniac but they are a talent of hers. she’s been really lucky about it.
  118. ❊ COOKING
  119. when they moved in quebec city and mali was twelve, her parents were a lot busier than they used to. often, she had to cook dinner or something for lunch, despite not knowing how to cook. it is why she started observing her mother when she cooked and actually managed to start cooking because of that. when she was fourteen, she knew how to cook basically every simple meal you can think of. over the years, her affinity for pastries developed and mali found herself doing more complex dishes, mostly sweets and vegetarian meals. cooking is somethings she’s great at and while she’s not a chef, she’s still pretty good and her deserts are heavenly. she often jokes about it being her “french roots” jumping out.
  121. ❊ IMPULSIVE
  122. making dumb decisions in a nanosecond may be her hidden talent. mali is someone that works a lot more with her heart than her brain, which often leads her to doing things on impulse and regretting them later. while handling happiness and good emotions is good with her, she’s not that impulsive when it comes to good thing, anger and sadness are a big no no. she’s the most impulsive and bitter person when she gets sad or angry, so you should be aware of that and stay away from her because in those times, her decisions are harsh and laced by anger. she often ends up regretting it and cries over it but she can’t deny doing them. if you’re lucky she won’t be prideful and will apologize.
  124. dark humor, cynic comebacks, trashy references and high sarcasm, mali truly can be absolutely bittersweet. one you get trough her first walls you start to see her ways of doing humor or just interacting and those imply heavy irony and many dark jokes that are either sexual or borderline clap backs that slap like a bitch. they never get discriminatory as she avoids any sensitive subject except when it comes to auto derision about herself. her way of showing annoyance or anger is by becoming the most salty person and ironizing nearly everything. she’s just kind of always been like that and if you can’t take a joke, don’t stay around her.
  126. or kinda the way she is most of the time because of the amount of strangers surrounding her. when she doesn’t feel close to someone or just doesn’t know anyone, mali closes off and just goes quiet and kinda awkward. even as a person in general she’s quite like that most of the time, not being the most talkative person and only talking when she feels like doing so, it’s just that around strangers it’s even worse. she’s someone that prefers hearing over talking and will just look at others happily interacting and feel content with it. as for the awkward side she just literally doesn’t know how to interact. if nobody takes the lead of the discussion it will only lead to silence that will make her cheeks burn in shame. someone please help her. mali also clings to her privacy as much as she can. she hates intrusive persons or intrusive questions in general and will stay away from them. don’t try to push her, you’ll get a black eye.
  127. ❊ REGRETFUL
  128. or basically the instant regret that always comes within the next seconds of her acting impulsively. watch her do something and go like “fuck” two seconds after. her regrets is like that shrek meme ( “somebody once told me the world..” ) that just breaks into her head and stays there despite her total need of peacefulness in those moments. you can’t always see the change in her face but it’s when she goes back to her apartment that she just screams and dives into her bed to cry out about how fucking dumb she is. all the time. it’s almost a daily routine now. she even writes notes about it sometimes, just so she can suffer more.
  130. kind of influenced by ADD, in general mali is a spaced out, forgetful person that is lost about almost everything and questions almost everything. she zones out often and really solidly, thinking about stupid things or her mind just going blank. she can stop moving and just stay there, zones out, until someone drags her back to reality. it happens way too much sometimes but it’s always how she’s been, because she tends to overthink. she will just see a lamp and start repeating the word over and over in her head until it sounds blank and meaningless and then question why is it called a lamp and what could be the link between it and hows it’s called. you can also call them her existential crisis. you see? that kind of zoned out. for forgetful she’s just.. forgetful. literally forgets everything there and there and needs someone to collect her before she loses everything she has in her hands. kind of an airhead.
  131. ❊ ANXIOUS
  132. i don’t really know how to explain it or explain it further it’s just.. mali gets really easily anxious about the smallest thing and can either turn them into a whole huge cloud of anxiety that will hover over up during the whole day or just let it go if someone distracts her for a whole. the way someone just stares at her once, someone bumping into her, missing a step in a choreography, etcetera. she will get stressed out about almost everything and only the people who is close to her can make her take her mind off it. she needs someone to take her out of here. she still can’t help herself and as much as if angers her and makes her feel useless she just... knows that she needs help sometimes and gets anxious about it. literally everything makes her worried when she’s not around someone she’s comfortable with.
  133. ❊ RANDOM
  134. random as in will suddenly interrupt a conversation to share with you a fact or will mindblown you somehow or will give you a brainfuck by questioning something literally no one would ever question. mali often disconnects whenever she will hear something that will catch her attention and then burst a theory about it and will try to share it. it’s kinda weird and sometimes she tries her best to shut up ( she does most of the time ) but often it still comes out. it’s a reason why she’s so good at philosophy. she’s kinda intelligent for someone kinda stupid.
  136. ❃ playing card games like poker or tarot. her dad taught her how to play but firstly, how to win. sometimes mali makes money out of it, but when she plays it, it’s often just for the good memories of a non angry dad and a little bit of fun at something she knows she’s good at since it’s all strategy.
  137. ❃ otters, bunnies and puppies. she’s literally obsessed with them and literally wanted one for so long that she almost cried when she got a bunny. they’re her three favorite animals and she’s so soft for them. it’s literally something that can make her cry in an instant. so fluffy.
  138. ❃ pastries, since they remind her of home, grandma and mornings with ziha and sally. she likes to make them and eat them because first, they’re godly, and second of all, because it brings her warmth. pastries bring little moments of happiness.
  139. ❃ cold coffee with a lot of cream in it, or tea. she cannot go through a school day without one. they wake her up and make her survive. weirdly enough, she doesn’t like coffee hot, she prefers it cold, and will switch to herbal teas during winter. they keep her alive to be honest.
  140. ❃ rainy days. for her they’re the most perfect days, because it is calm, less crowded and fits her blue grey constant life aesthetic. she enjoys them a lot and would trade sunny days for them anytime.
  141. ❃ pokemon, which was literally her whole childhood. she’s always down to talk about them of analyze them and becomes a kid every time you talk about them, no exception. really, she’s attached to those shows. they hold a lot of fondness and happiness to her.
  142. ❃ night walks and stupidities. things like grocery shopping at 3am, doing longboard in the streets when nobody’s there, eating ice cream at hours she’s not supposed to eat at. silly things like that. mali melts for these, she will adore you if you take her out to be dumbasses together in the middle of the night.
  143. ❃ watercolors and copic markers. she likes art in general but when it comes to drawing/painting, copic markers and watercolors are her favorites. she’s talented with them and likes to creates a whole lot of effects as she specializes in portraits. sadly they are expensive so she can’t really enjoy it as much as she’d like to.
  144. ❃ listening to music while laying back and observing people. it’s one of her favorite activities ever, as creepy as it sounds. sometimes mali will just go out in the street, sit somewhere where she’s alone, probably on the ground, and will listen to music while just observing how people act, sometimes taking notes and sometimes drawing. it calms her down.
  145. ❃ cheddar chips, watermelon, peaches, blackberries and plums. she’s not a big eater in general but if you give her those she will kiss you, boy, girl, dog or tree. they are her absolute favorites and she can never get enough of them as candies, sweets or salty foods or even ice cream. make a girl happy by giving her peaches.
  146. ❃ stretching. it’s a weird way to get your mind off things but whenever mali feels kinda overwhelmed and doesn’t have enough space to dance, she’ll just stretch, pushing her limits until the ache is there and makes her forget about the emotional overdrive. it’s a way to cope with things and it helps when you are a dancer.
  147. ❃ berry scented and meadows and rain scented febreze candles. specifically. she smelled them once out of curiosity while grocery shopping and then bought like a hundred of both of them. mali calls them life changing and relaxing. they’re her favorite candles ever and nothing will change that. she spread them a little everywhere in her apartment.
  148. ❃ reading. a sucker for stories as such as the little prince, alice in wonderland, mrs peregrine and peter pan. whenever she has free time and a cozy place, mali will put on her glasses and read for hours, disturbed by nothing and absolutely captivated by the words in front of her. ever since she was a child she always loved reading. she believes that books are the pillars of knowledge ( she’s kinda a nerd ).
  149. DISLIKES ✿
  150. ❃ insects and snails. they gross the living hell out of her. do not approach her with them, you’ll get kicked in the throat. they’re her ultimate quirk, she can’t stand them. she’s not scared but disgusted really. when she learnt that her mom was eating snails she threw up in the restaurant, as an example of how much she hates them.
  151. ❃ seafood and meats. she doesn’t like them. around fourteen years old, mali started to dislike meats and seafoods more and more until she almost completely stopped eating them, unless it was bacon or salmon. she replaces them with nuts, eggs and vegetables. she wouldn’t consider herself vegetarian, she simply doesn’t like the taste of meat and seafood. ( except bacon, really. )
  152. ❃ stereotyping. you wanna anger her? throw out a cliche about french people and you’ll be scolded and taught a lesson. if there’s anything that gets under her skin more than sexism, it is stereotyping. mali really gets pissed when she’s put in a box and compared to others, because she’s a firm believer that stereotypes are shit. and it is indeed awkward when you were raised between two cultures that strongly dislikes the other, and ended stereotyping you or bitching one of your countries. ( quebec and france strongly dislikes the other, it’s mostly one sided with quebec people who have a strong image of french people stuck in their head, that they’re all “pretentious and have the same dumb accent that is disgusting” ).
  153. ❃ getting yelled at. it makes her feel all small and emotional, kinda triggers her. she gets antsy and starts panicking really fast, because it makes her feel like she did something very wrong automatically and brings out the memory of his father. it’s why she avoids loud places, as even not knowing why she’s getting yelled for makes her break down easily.
  154. ❃ tight clothing. after many years of groping and nasty comments about her body, mali preferred to wear oversized clothing to prevent her from having any kind of comment towards her body shape. she also thinks that it makes meeting people more serious as she’s not into physical relationships at first sight. it’s why she doesn’t like tight clothing ( plus the fact that she finds that it sticks to her skin to much and is itchy ).
  155. ❃ tik tok and kik. she doesn’t call them the spawns of satan for nothing, really. she’s been scarred for life because of the content on those two. tik tok’s amount of pedophiles and absurd content made her want to drink bleach while kik, who hosts thousands of sexual predators and dick pics, made her regret ever having an account on it for a while. she’ll pale at their mention, literally. that shit marked her for life.
  156. ❃ messing up while talking. speaking more than one language means messing up, forgetting words, stuttering, mixing up languages and eventually, making yourself look like a fool in front of people. mali especially doesn’t like it because of the burning shame that comes with it but really, she’ll obsess over her mistakes and will end up making even more of them. it’s like an endless loop.
  157. ❃ conspiracy theories and horror stories. since she has a vivid imagination, mali doesn’t like them because it keeps her up at night. she can imagine the most gore scenes and bone chilling stories just because of those creepy pasta shit that makes her uneasy. she has the kind of imagination that is so strong that sometimes she’ll hear sounds she was thinking about or will see things she was strongly visualizing in her head. it’s better for her to avoid anything that can cause her to imagine gore scenes.
  158. ❃ the sound of bones popping. there’s just always a sound that makes you stop in your tracks and shiver, that gives you goosebumps, you know? for mali, it’s the sound of bones popping. it doesn’t make her uneasy, but it gives her chills. if you do it in front of her teasingly, she’ll hit you hard enough for one of your bones to pop. ( she still makes all of her toes pop but that’s a secret ).
  159. ❃ psychologists. the five psychologists that she had were utter shit and it is why mali learnt to dislike them over the years. maybe she was just unlucky, but now she doesn’t trust them and will bitterly mock them when she gets the occasion to.
  160. ❃ hospitals. same thing as the one above but more about the whole “i have bad memories there” aspect. there was only four times where she went to the hospital. her first one being to heal a broken wrist when she was sixteen. the second time because she had fainted from the lack of food. the third one because she didn’t take care of herself when her grandparents died. so yeah, she avoids hospitals the best she can.
  161. ❃ « beef ». she just finds it so fucking stupid. people that are beefing brings out her inner little bitch and she will make everything in her power to stay out of it, most of the time in vain since people like to drag her in it. social media beef is even worse. watch her make fun of beef over text or mock someone trying to beef with her. really, what the fuck are people up to in two twenty eighteen.
  162. HABITS ✿
  163. ❊ FIDGETING
  164. whenever she’s stressed or has to talk to someone she doesn’t know or barely knows, her nervous habit is to fidget, and like, a lot. she’ll start playing with her hands on much, to the point where it’s distracting. it’s why she usually puts her hands behind her back to fidget when she’s nervous or stressed. if she has an elastic on her wrist she’ll probably break it.
  165. ❊ DOODLING
  166. whenever she has a sheet of paper laid in front of her, mali will doodle. on exams, on cheques, on money bills, even on desks, she will doodle somewhere, more likely in the corner of the sheet. depending on the time she spends on it, the sheet can be halfway full or barely filled with doodles. yet there will always be a doodle somewhere. it’s kinda her trademark now. if she forgets to write her name look for her doodles so you can confirm it’s her.
  167. ❊ “EIGHTS”
  168. while normal people would count it as “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10”, mali stops at eight and starts again. it is again a dancer thing because everything is placed on what we call “eights”. it is a time mark, kind of. again, it is something that stays stuck with dancer over years.
  169. + yes i did copy/paste it from my judgement day form whoop
  171. whenever she’d angry or sad, to cope with the feeling of emptiness and burning rage, she tries to calm herself by pinching her wrists instead of punching something or numbing herself. mali can pinch hard enough to bruise her skin but in those moment she doesn’t really that matters as she has other issues on her mind. it’s why she prefer to wear long sleeves or conceal the little marks on her forearms. she doesn’t want people thinking she’s a psycho because of this weird habit.
  172. ❊ HEM HOLDING
  173. a specific habit of hers that comes with every single emotion that she feels a little too strongly. she’ll just catch the hem on her sleeve and squeeze it as hard as she can and if she doesn’t have sleeves, it’ll be the hem of her shirt/sweater/etc. it’s a habit that picked on in high school when people would provoke her. instead of yelling and getting herself humiliated or in trouble, mali squeezed then ends of her oversized sweater, gritting her teeth. it stayed over the years i suppose.
  174. HOBBIES ✿
  175. ❊ DANCING
  176. more like her passion and the first sport she’ll always do and exercise for. dancing took an important place in mali’s life one year after she started dancing, which means, ten years ago. it started becoming a way to express unsaid emotions and canalize the energy anger and ADD brought down on her, a way of just letting her body do the talk she repressed and couldn’t find herself able to do. the dance classes, for the first three years, were part of the school’s dance program, which was included. so she didn’t have to do much. but when the three years went down, mali had to go to audition to be a part of competitive dance elites to continue dancing. she was in one until she moved in europe, where she just preserved her talent by training alone, stretching and working on the technique she learnt at school. she spends hours in the studio in which she dances in the usa, trying to catch on to the years where she wasn’t competing.
  178. another way to kind of express more subtle things than emotions. mali likes to pour on papers memories she doesn’t really like to talk about or expresses fears, phobias, worries and things that make her sick. she specializes in portraits and always needs a model to draw, else she’s kinda in trouble. as i mentioned further up she prefers watercolor and copic markers but is able to work with anything, really. she developed that liking for art with ziha, who had a completely different style from hers. the two of them noticed the other’s mistakes and were able to give deep and true foments to the other without worrying about it being fake, which led mali to improving greatly. she continued sketching as a way to relieve the fears and worries but also as a way to honor ziha and be able to maybe show her things instead of trying to explain and get all choked up. her showing her work isn’t a way of bragging, it’s because she trusts you enough to let you inside her head.
  179. ❊ READING
  180. when she was barely a kid, mali loved to read or to listen to stories. growing up it just stuck to her and developed even further. whenever she has a little bit of free time, mali likes to go read books and write critiques and draw things from the book with the descriptions gave. reading itself is a way of expanding knowledge and pass time, so it’s kinda the perfect hobby for her. it wouldn’t really appear like that since people often take her for more of a jock type of girl, but she’s really a big nerd when it comes to books and literature. she reads the biggest classics and the most unknown stories just to be able to give an opinion or contradicting criticism, and adores talking about books with someone, probably namjoon.
  181. ❊ SPORTS
  182. mali stopped played sports because of her competitive side around the age of sixteen, when she realized that it would lead her to nothing more than stress. it’s why she started playing out of pure will to pour down anger out and kinda have revenge on people that were shit to her by winning. mali excels at almost every sport she plays at, which is really a talent that she didn’t know she had and didn’t think would lead her to enjoy p.e that much. she likes to beat pretentious or cocky people just for her personal pleasure but stays silent during the games, only giving cues when needed like in volleyball or soccer. sports are a great way to say a big fuck you to people without wording it.
  183. ❊ WRITING
  184. maybe as a way to get our do her head, to imagine another reality, to create art, to clear her head or just because she knows she’s good at not making mistakes at it ( at least in french ), mali doesn’t know why she writes. after reading books she just wanted to try and somehow it stuck to her and she never stopped writing. small novels, legends, bedtime stories, memories that she twisted around, whole little books and things that could be essays for philosophy, she just writes whatever goes through her mind when she feels like it. she considers it a hobby but wouldn’t know why and how to explain it.
  185. TRIVIA ✿
  186. ❃ she calls everyone ‘dear’
  187. ❃ overuse of the term “whack”
  188. ❃ angrily curses in french at literally everything
  189. ❃ leans strongly towards girls but is still open to being in a relationship with boys
  190. ❃ she’s a human shazam
  191. ❃ doesn’t understand shit about religions
  192. ❃ played soccer for four years
  193. ❃ played volleyball during six years
  194. ❃ has been dancing for eleven years
  195. ❃ ^ specializes in hip hop and contemporary
  196. ❃ never dances full out when there is a public close to her, only does small movements to get the timings right. only goes fill out during a show or when she’s fully alone, no window, no one except namjoon and ziha.
  197. ❃ she speaks french, english, italian, spanish and korean and is trying to learn mandarin. key word: trying.
  198. ❃ bites people too close to her for her liking
  199. ❃ knows way too many random facts
  200. ❃ yells out vines randomly
  201. ❃ absolutely fascinated by ostriches
  202. ❃ really meme-ish
  203. ❃ seeks hugs from namjoon 24/7
  204. ❃ she has an ipad pro she carries almost everywhere to draw/write/read.
  205. ❃ never takes off her grand mother’s necklace that she gave to her.
  206. ❃ wealthy but never shows it
  207. ❃ never mentions her dad
  208. ❃ runs the fuck away when people she doesn’t like approaches her
  209. ❃ can only study at night or in a classroom with music on, gets distracted else
  210. ❃ learnt how to make alcoholic drinks when she was fourteen
  211. SKILLS ✿
  213. mali is the kind of girl that gets lit on the most ridiculous songs. she pops ( does popping ) on wii music, milly rocks on disney music, does wacking on meme musics and pirouettes on heavy metal. you can literally put on any song and she will find a way to dance on it. it’s almost even a reflex to just move around a little bit when music starts. after all she is the girl who didn’t even realize she exited the class to go to the bathroom while moonwalking because the movie they were listening to had good music. i’d say it developed naturally with being a dancer. you start doing eights in your head in finding rhythms to everything. it just comes naturally honestly.
  215. mali has an auditive memory which means that she remembers things by sounds instead of images. a voice, a beat, a whisper, it’s enough for her to remember to who it belongs. it’s always been like that, with her yelling out her notes to study for exams or things like that. it’s also really practical because you literally remember every song you’ve ever heard and add new ones to your head. within the first seconds of a song, mali can automatically say the artist and the name of the song. it’s why ziha started calling her “human shazam”, as a reference to the application used to identify songs. it’s a weird skill she has but it’s as useful as it is disturbing.
  217. despite being really emotional and expressing it rather strongly when she can’t hold herself back anymore, mali is still the master of poker face, slash her resting bitch face. it never really was a skill at first, it’s just because of her facial traits that whenever she’s neutral she looks pissed or bitchy, but over the years she learned to use it to great advantage. whenever someone pisses her off or she feels sad, she just remains neutral the best she can, hiding her shaking hands and unstable voice the best she can. over years of perfecting it in order not to get yelled at, it became an useful skill of hers. she’s the best at remaining silent and poker face for hours. if you want to get the silence treatment you’ll regret it.
  219. when she was twelve, mali wanted a guitar. so her parents got her a guitar for a hundred dollars. six years later she didn’t even play it once and still managed to break it, somehow. three years later mali wanted a guitar so she bought a banjo without even really meaning to ( she was tired and wasn’t understanding the seller play? ). now four years later, after many angry screams, frustrated tears and nights murdering her damn guitar with her eyes, mali knows how to play the banjo. she’s a damn good banjo player. she learned over the years and because she had time to loose and really wanted to learn how to play it, really. knowing music and having a lot of sense of rhythm, it was a long but steady lesson. in the end she got it!
  220. ❊ PASTRIES
  221. mali kinda has a backstory for all of her skills except that one, honestly. like... she liked sweets so she decided to cook sweets and ended up doing pastries because they’re her and her grandma’s favorites? it’s really not that deep. her grandmother helped her a lot while she learned, which is why she got her talent quicker than for other things. she just got used to it really quick and then started experimenting and actually did well. it stuck over the years after that.
  224. kinda that hippie shit about learning about cuuultuuuure and diversity but yes, traveling around the world has always been mali’s biggest dream. she wants to travel around the world, take pictures and draw, learn about the people and the clotures and how they behave. she wants to feel like she’s changing homes and see all of the differences and similarities the world can show and have. it’ll forever be a childhood dream that grew with her over the years and never died, not even once in her mind. you’ll never take that away from her.
  226. it’s a forever dream when you’re tired of being so emotional over everything, isn’t it? mali wants to find a stable place where she won’t be unstable, to find a safe place. somewhere where she can be herself without always getting mood swings and mean people. it’s kind of too much to ask for, but it’s still a big dream. a safe place isn’t necessarily a location, it can be just people or a moment. one day she just hopes that she’ll find that stability and keep it for more than minutes. who knows, maybe she’ll get happy? really happy?
  228. ever since she was fourteen mali always dreamed of choreographing her own dance and performing it at a showcase. she’s been creating many choreographies but all of them seem to lack and to not be great, so she gave up lots of them only to try again in a stubborn hope to realize that teenager’s dream of hers. she really wants to feel as if she realized something, really did realize and all by herself. recently, she’s been roaming around plans and ideas but she can’t find the perfect song to do it.
  229. MORALS ✿
  230. mali doesn’t have much morals except for simply always having one rule, which is to have an adaptable way of thinking. mali doesn’t want things to be impossible to change, she want they to be able to change depending on situations and needs. she believes that no mindset should be impossible to change and that if we refuse to evolve then we sink. it’s why people as such as homophobes, xenophobic people, or any kind of people that believes in some kind of discrimination sets her off. such mindset in the past or from older people doesn’t faze her but younger ones? whack.
  231. ❀ THREE
  232. LOVE INTEREST ❊ kim namjoon
  233. BACKUP ❊ jung hoseok
  235. funnily enough, the both of them meets through yoongi. one of the pianos from the music room is moved to one of the oldest dance studios, one that’s apparently almost never used except by one or two students as the supervisors say. the older jumps on the occasion to play alone, not surrounded by others in the music room, and when he comes in he’s surprised to see a tall orange haired girl just.. stretching on the floor, legs opened in a middle split while she hums to a song as and simultaneously writes down a little black and red notebook. he asks if she doesn’t mind his presence after he recognized her as the girl with an impossible name to pronounce from one of his modern music classes ( or something similar i don’t really know about music composition majors ), and mali just shrugs. she already danced and is just finishing her routine by stretching and noting down progress and corrections so it’s okay. about twenty minutes later, when yoongi is still playing the piano, his phone rings and he answers, seeing a very enthusiastic namjoon talking about how he found many tutors and how the spots are nearly filled. yoongi spins around in his chair and namjoon notices mali in the background, who’s just absentmindedly minding her business, and asks yoongi what is happening. the two thinks she doesn’t understand, so yoongi talks about the “weirdo” of his class and how she was there when he arrived. mali slams the door when she leaves abruptly, leaving yoongi confused.
  236. days later namjoon is in a club with hoseok and jimin, who disappeared on the dance floor, and he goes to the bar to get himself a drink since dancing isn’t really a good idea for him. there, he mets a tall girl with a familiar orange hair, glasses on her nose and gaze piercing. after a while he realizes it’s the girl from the facetime he did with yoongi and calls her over so she can make his drink- after all she’s a barmaid. mali turns around and sees namjoon, and her eyes go wide for a second. the older stares back silently, wondering what’s happening, until mali slowly touches his purple hair and whispers, looking absolutely amazed “they really did surgery on a grape”. silence is there for barely two minutes before namjoon bursts into a fit of giggles, making her smile awkwardly. he asks her to make him a cocktail and she does so, still staring at his hair when he goes away.
  237. namjoon kinda liked it to be honest.
  238. he just wonders if she’ll ever see him again.
  241. their interactions are really funny and kind of weird. the two of them are really touchy with each other, even kissed once twice or maybe more than thrice but that doesn’t matter because it was really platonic. they spend long hours cuddled together just talking about the dumbest things ever and making up theories about cartoons and childhood moments. they know the other so well that they don’t need to talk, just to glance at the other to understand what they’re trying to say or do. they complete the other’s flaws and fills up the holes in their lives by providing the other what they lack. mali finds stability in namjoon and namjoon fins acceptance in mali. it’s how they work, how they cope, they go to the other and talk about the miseries of life and the painful what ifs. but, they’re still dumbasses that like to do weird shit together like changing languages while talking just to confuse people, pretending to be fighting like in telenovelas just to make people awkward ( and because namjoon knows mali will come back complaining in his room and seeking cuddles because anxiety will hit her ) and even going as far as pretending to be together just to chase away the bitches. they’re like,,, meant to be soulmates.
  242. ❊ TRIVIA
  243. ❃ always correcting the other’s mistakes and bickering about it
  244. ❃ are actually the spawns of satan, just pretends to be angelic
  245. ❃ heavily ships everyone and makes theories about them
  246. ❃ when are they not crying over the guardians or player one?
  247. ❃ jams hard to my chemical romance in the middle of the night
  248. ❃ dances together to drake, namjoon always nearly breaks something
  249. ❃ LONG TALKS.
  250. ❃ both clumsy
  251. ❃ they live together and share their plastic plates and cups together
  252. ❃ has said plastic cups and plates because they’re dangerous
  253. ❃ glasses couple
  254. ❃ debates harshly over communism
  255. ❃ “fuck your chicken strips namjoon!” “that’s why mom doesn’t fucking want you!” “you’re actually right.” “fuck.” “..yeah.”
  256. ❃ shares spotify playlists
  257. ❃ openly talks about their crushes to the other, shamelessly.
  259. i wouldn’t say that their relation has any special rollercoaster moments, it’s a really steady relationship. at the start they just bond over their meetings at the bar and the tutoring gigs and later on they simply become best friends and start sharing an apartment. it’s something that builds slowly, sure there’s moments of sadness and little fights but they learn to trust the other and when they do so, everything just clicks. they almost have a boring relationship, no “we hated each other before” background or dramatic scenes, just a tight bond and funny moments they spent together during sleepless nights and sleepy mornings. it’s almost mushy, well, if you exclude the fact that mali is a kinky piece of shit and that namjoon busts into her classes randomly without caring about her being ashamed. they have chemistry together, that’s it i’d say.
  260. everyone loves #namali.
  263. « fuck off namjoon, that’s was one time! »
  264. one day, namjoon and mali decide to drink in their apartment. she makes them both shots and cocktails and they get drunk pretty soon and they barely have time to blink that they’re just watching television about debating about the news even if they don’t know what they’re talking about. laying in a bunch of pillows and plastic cups they yell at each other until one channel starts talking about a theory that implies that america is going to go for a communism type of government, and out of the blue, mali says “why the fuck not, that’d be great if we didn’t have a hairy worm as a president”. so namjoon automatically yells at her for agreeing with communism and mali tries to explain her point drunkenly, but eventually she climbs on his lap and grips him by the collar to argue but they just fall asleep on top of the other. the next day, namjoon confronts her about her drunken talks but she glares him wildly, making him shut up. he still likes to bring it up sometimes just to piss her off. it works perfectly, as expected.
  266. « why the hell are you talking about meat in the middle of our discussion about kim kardashian’s drama? »
  267. the problem with being born in nineteen ninety five and speaking around five languages is that you cannot keep up with all of the slangs and the expressions. mali learns that the hard way when one day where namjoon and her are shopping clothes and entertaining a philosophical discussion about the drama happening in keeping up with the kardashian ( “as kylie doesn’t know how to do laundry, as autonomy failed her or did she fail autonomy?” ). namjoon comments about their ‘beef’ being childish and mali repeats after him, eyes wide. namjoon says it again as mali repeats. and again. and again. and again. and then namjoon throws a shirt at her and asks her desperately why is she acting like she lost her memory and mali feels attacked and yells back instantly saying that she doesn’t fucking know what the hell is beef if it’s not damn meat. namjoon automatically drops everything and they just stare at each other for a while before mali stomps angrily out of the store, an awkward namjoon trailing behind her. he finds her six minutes later helping kids go down a little fair’s attraction that jammed, and she only glares at him before asking him to carry her to the nearest starbucks because she craves the cake lollipop thingy’s. they make up over drinks.
  269. « get out of here dammit! »
  270. let’s suppose that two of the characters ( slot x slot, slot x love interest or love interest x love interests, just some banging ) fuck and that namjoon is the first one to learn it in the middle of the afternoon for some reason. what’s the most logical thing to do? waiting for your roommate to come back and squeal over it is a great option isn’t it? yeah, too long, which is why he busts in during one of mali’s classes startling almost everyone. without a care in the world namjoon whisper yells at mali “its happening” and mali automatically understands, happily clapping her hands and gathering her things. she gets out of the class and drags namjoon in the hallways before she stops abruptly, and face palms. when she turns around namjoon sees panic rising up her features and realizes she just left in the middle of her class and the both of them realize they’re fucked. out of panic mali rushes back into her class and namjoon dumbly follows her, and freeze when they’re in the middle of said class because mali just not so subtly made him realize that he’s not in her class. he scurries away shyly and mali sighs, banging her head against her desk once the teacher stops staring at her and continues his damn lesson.
  272. « i knew i should’ve never let you do that yet here we are! i wanna die. »
  273. some dude tried to pick on MS.KIESHA while she literally asked for nothing, just minding her business, calmly. namjoon and mali walks by and mali sees it. sherins towards them, ignoring the older’s shouts of her name, and defends her friend fervently, already on the defensive. stupid dude seems to not know his damn place because he makes a mean discriminatory comment about MS.KIESHA, and mali seems to wait a minute because she clapbacks even more harshly, making buff dude swing at her first, just like she wanted. a fight break between the two and mali wins, knocking out macho with her bag, but she’s pretty beaten up. MS KIESHA and namjoon scolds her all the way to the nurse’s office but MS KIESHA has to go back to class, leaving namjoon and mali alone, staring at the other. namjoons starts to scold her but mali cuts in randomly, saying “you’re like a koala and i’m a hare. you’re fluffy and cuddly while i have long legs and a tendency for kicking people in the nuts. we’re a good pair aren’t we?” and namjoon just shuts up. they never talk about it again but no one can deny that mali’s little sketches of a hare and a koala cuddling together are indeed really cute and somehow familiar.
  274. ❀ FOUR
  275. SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLE ❊ blackberries
  277. ❃ « i said whoever threw that paper, your mom is a hoe! »
  278. ❃ « happy birthday raven! »
  279. « ... i can’t swim. »
  280. ❃ / cue to the dude who threw himself in a trash can after throwing his bag on the floor /
  281. ❃ « his hair? whack. his gear? whack. his jewelry? whack. his footsteps? whack. the way that he talks? whack. the way that he doesn’t even like to smile? whack. me? i’m tight as fu- »
  282. PLAYLIST ✿
  285. ❃ “if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you!” — fred devito
  286. ❃ “if you can’t accept the fact that your sandwich is disgusting how are you going to accept the end of the world being nearer than said to be?”
  287. ❃ “touch me and i’ll make a twizzler out of your dick and feed it to your cousin.”
  288. ❃ “les choses dites en français te paraissent jolies mais sérieusement, c’est moche de dire « je veux te baiser fort » plutôt que « i want to fuck you hard »"
  290. mali is 176cm tall [ 5"9 ]. her lower body is longer than her upper body, which means long legs. her body is bony, bones stick out enough to be visible and it’s one of her biggest complexes ever. she doesn’t have particularly shocking or mind blowing curves, she’s average on that and since she likes slightly oversized clothing she doesn’t really show it. she’s tall and muscular, even if it doesn’t show because a girl musculature doesn’t develop as quickly and markedly as a boy. her arms are weaker than her legs, which are her strongest body parts ever.
  292. she doesn’t have any known allergy. she’s intolerant to lactose ( can only take small quantities of it else her lungs burn and her throat itches ). her lungs are especially fragile, like cigarettes and other strong smells easily send her into harsh coughing fits that aren’t enjoyable at all. hiccups are really painful to her as they hurt her ribs so much. ribs that also sometimes ache for no reason. lastly mali is know to be prone to fainting due to vagal issues caused by anxiety, lack of sleep and and intense moments of stress. they don’t happen too after, one time every two months generally, but since she passes out the fall can be dangerous. that’s it!
  293. ❀ FIVE
  294. CLASSES ✿
  295. ❊ MAJOR
  296. mali majors in anthropology and dance. considering she’s doing a double major she needs to study a lot and to maintain a balance between school and outside, which she kind of struggles with. she’s helped a lot by her string auditive memory but she can’t always do everything by ear so she still spends lots of time studying, often doing so with namjoon because philosophy and anthropology are related. as for dance, all that is required is to pass the auditions ( which she did ) and to be fit because dance highly requires strength, cardio, balance and focus. it’s why she works out a lot, often in her room, putting music in her earphones in order not to disturb namjoon. as for the description of the majors, here’s the definition of both.
  297. an·thro·pol·o·gy
  298. /ˌanTHrəˈpäləjē/
  299. noun
  300. 1. the study of human societies and cultures and their development.
  301. * the study of human biological and physiological characteristics and their evolution.
  302. dance
  303. /dans/
  304. verb
  305. 1. 1. 
move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps."their cheeks were pressed together as they danced"
  306. 1. (of a person) move in a quick and lively way.
  307. anthropology is a mix of psychology, history, philosophy and languages. mali has a lot of diversified classes because of that major, who touches a lot of subjects. it allows her to grow observant and notice similarities and differences between people, and also to take in the influences that surrounds humans. it’s something really general that requires a lot of effort and an open mind. except for that i wouldn’t really know how to describe it because school in america and school in canada is very different, as i observed.
  308. as for dance well, it is more than just actual dancing. to major in dance you need to learn about the history of dance and music, because both of those subjects are really important when it comes to dance. sure there is a lot of dance classes in many different styles, technique classes and freestyle classes too, but there’s also actual study. as for an example mali studies modern music, in which she’s in the same class as yoongi. i think that’s all i can say about majors but i don’t know how they work, really. it’s not how it works here.
  310. deceiving her mother and her father wasn’t her more enjoyable memory but yes, anthropology and dance were the majors she absolutely wanted to have. it is uncommon to find programs for those two subjects in canada, which is why her parents pressured her into her childish dream, which was journalism. sadly when she grew mali leaned more towards anthropology and became really passionate quick. when she finished school and went away, her parents expected her to pursue journalism in paris. she never did so and didn’t even study while she was in europe. going to america to study what she wand to study was a breath of fresh air and a way to tell herself that only her could decide what’s good for her. nothing’s better than doing what you want to do freely.
  312. to be a traveler and an anthropologist. more precisely, to travel the world and study the human in all of its different environments and homes. to continue dancing through that, to familiarize with the unknown and to learn more about culture and every little thing that’s always ignored or looked down upon. that’s her dream job.
  314. well she’s a barmaid at a bar in the middle of the town. she works part time shifts, only on school days until two am. she keeps her weekends free. she’s one of the most known barmaids for 1) getting into fights with drunken men trying to press themselves on men or women 2) making bomb drinks 3) having hot friends. she likes her job, unlike a lot of people think.
  316. no because she doesn’t have time, sadly. studying plus her job plus her banjo plus her art plus her dance is already enough for her. she needs time to relax. but when she has free time for herself she sometimes goes playing soccer with the school’s team. the coach adores her for some reason she never really grasped.
  318. firstly because namjoon asked and she has the biggest soft spot for him and secondly because she’s trying to learn how to be better at interacting. it’s something that truly pressures her and she wants to try to be better so she can first meet people and second, take that weight off her shoulders. its something simple and namjoon organizes it so it can’t be that bad, right?
  320. well mali has an affinity for melodic languages, which is why she learnt italian and spanish before stopping to learn languages for a while. when she moved to europe, boredom made her wonder about many things and in the frenzy of a lonely night, she looked for music to listen to. she came across korean music randomly and listened to it and automatically fell in love with how korean sounded. the next week she stared studying it, using her little money to buy textbooks and occupy herself. it took her a lot of time and effects but she managed to master korean somehow goodly, being able to entertain good conversations and interact. it was out of boredom and love at first sight.
  321. ❀ SIX
  323. i would just want mali to develop from a very cold, distant, weird self to a more explained one that shows the hidden friendliness and funny side that a lot of people who often express themselves wrong like me have. sure mali is still asshole-ish, childish on the edges, does cynic jokes and can be a real pain in the ass but she still someone sensitive, thoughtful and amazed who’s trying to enjoy everything that’s around her. it’d be simply like breaking down her walls slowly and let her show glimpses of actual happiness ( surprise everyone, she’s not a robot!! ) appear there and there. it’s mostly how she’d develop to be quite honest.
  326. wooyeon and mali bond over mutual help to the other and their constant desperation while seeing the others being a mess ( even if they’re not really better but that’s not the point ). they’re incredibly soft for the other and mali is always ready to throw hands for her, slightly protective of the older. they’re really good friends and since wooyeon is close the the supreme lil shit aka jeon jeongguk, it kinda brings them even closer since mali is somehow a little bit like him. they both have platonic crushes on the other and plan to get married if nobody swoops them away until then. they trust the other lots. wooyeon is ALWAYS babying mali and she likes the affection. kinda.
  327. ❊ YOONGI & MALI
  328. they REALLY didn’t have the best relationship after yoongi facetimed namjoon saying how weird she was thinking that mali didn’t understand korean. the next day mali saw him again in class and cursed at him in korean saying that he was a fucking asshole, sending yoongi into shock. confused, he looked at her and she explained in korean that yes she indeed did understand everything he said to his friend while she was still there. she glares at him and sits while yoongi texts namjoon saying that he might’ve found another tutor. but! yoongi and mali get significantly closer when namjoon and yoongi start crushing on the other or whatever. who’s the best person to talk to about namjoon? her best friend. from that they create a tight bond based on mutual knowledge about music, constructed criticism only given when asked for and a mutual care about joon. plus they’re fucking scary together, that’s an advantage.
  329. DIALOGUE ✿
  330. ❊ NAMALI
  331. « namjoon? does it passes in your head that like... maybe we’re just literally nothing. we pride ourselves in saying we’re the most intelligent animals but are we really? what sits out there, more brilliant than us and more powerful than what we could imagine? maybe we’re all really dumb, in the end. »
  332. « i’d think it depends on how you see the situation but mali? »
  333. « yeah? »
  334. « you really shouldn’t drink while you watch alien. »
  335. « oh fuck off it’s an important question namjoon! »
  336. « you’re contradicting yourself! »
  337. « i know! »
  338. « ... »
  339. « mali? »
  340. « yeah? »
  341. « cuddle me please i’m cold. »
  342. « on my way. »
  343. ❊ MALIYEON
  344. « how’s it going with the little shit? »
  345. « i mean you’re right in front of me so.. »
  346. « i’m talking about jeongguk, yeon! »
  347. « oh? sorry i guess. »
  348. « you’re not sorry that was on purpose. »
  349. « i know, i’m sorry cutie. »
  350. « you better treat me dinner next time i swear to god. »
  351. « i’ll do so. »
  352. «... mali what are you doing? »
  353. « writing this down my note so you’ll really treat me dinner. »
  354. « brat! »
  355. « deal with it! »
  356. ❊ YOONALI
  357. « i never noticed you were smaller than me yoonsies. »
  358. « go fuck yourself mali, i didn’t ask for your opinion. »
  359. « it wasn’t my opinion, it was a fact. »
  360. « same thing. »
  361. « technically- »
  362. « stop right there. »
  363. « so you’re admitting i’m right? »
  364. « no. »
  365. « then i’m stealing your dog. »
  366. « you already stole yeontan! »
  367. « and? he needs a buddy. »
  368. « that’s not- for fuck’s sake mali stop running! »
  371. do you say like “uwu” or more like “owo”? also what’s the answer to 6 / 2(2 x 3) ?
  372. what’s your favorite hair color in jimin?
  373. i’m curious uwu
  375. i’m just chaotic even if it wasn’t really well portrayed in my form that’s it i guess
  376. ❊ PASSWORD
  377. « his hair? whack. his gear? whack. his jewelry? whack. his footsteps? whack. the way that he talks? whack. the way that he doesn’t even like to smile? whack. me? i’m tight as fu- »
  379. [ END OF THE FORM!! ]

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