Volhky BC

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  1. Volhky ideas
  2. Islamic path:
  3. Vladimir the great is similar to the founding father of Druze and sees him self as a connection between man and god. He incorporates Islamic doctrines and incorporates the Koran but is much more dualistic and relaxed like Sufism. He seees himself as a preacher for the Slavs and incorporates five pillars.
  4. Pagan path:
  5. To appease the sultanates and prevent them from taking land Vladimir claimed to be a preacher and leader to unite the Slavs. He makes his religion Abrahamic but it is very ethnocentric and theologically different. They can be comparable to yazidis. The former Slavic gods are reworked into volky’s angels and demigods, but they have a supreme being(Allah). Volhky also incorporates Sainthood, though it is different from Christianity.
  6. Slavic ideas:
  7. -defense against the Turks(fort defense 20%)
  8. -religious syncretism(tolerance toward Heathens, +3)
  9. -eastward expansion(colonists +1)
  10. -russian winter(attrition +1)
  11. -philosophy of volhky saints(institution spread + )
  12. -legacy of Vladimir(yearly prestige +1)
  13. -Madrasah of Moscow(missionary strength +2)

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