SQuake Beginner's Guide

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  1. Bunny hopping is where we start. If you hold down the jump button, your character will lose all friction with the ground, meaning you can stop holding forward and hold down the space-bar instead. Any speed you gain can be maintained infinitely via bunny hopping, as long as you don't run into anything.
  2. Strafe jumping is part two: if you release forward, and hold either left, or right, while slowly turning your mouse in the direction you are holding, you will gain speed. There is no cap, in this pack, and in the default settings of Squake. This means with skill, you can cross large gaps, and move very quickly.
  3. Strafe jumping is specifically caused by air control, which means that even when not touching the ground, you can steer around corners in mid air. There are of course, limits on this, and hitting the wall will make you lose momentum or mess up your jump, but this is core to the parkour puzzles of this map.
  4. Trimping is also enabled, and lets you gain height by holding shift and jump when moving quickly, as you land on the ground, based on the speed you are moving. You are also able to sprint, and then press shift and jump together in the same instant, for a smaller vertical jump.
  5. Sharking is another aspect of SQuake, but is not used in this challenge map.

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