Saiyan Assault

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  1. (Earth)
  2. As a portal was made, a lone saiyan teenager had appeared once more to attain revenge for the saiyan race. Being placed into a city bundled with life, such scene was annoying to look at....Holstered by his own pride and rage toward most of the beings upon this world, the teen sought out to destroy a few cities left and right out of mere boredom. With a new found lust for destruction this specific warrior used each death of one of the planet's lesser inhabitants to draw out most if not all of Earth's warriors.
  3. A few ki-blasts strolled about, as they were setting everything near aflame. A few survivors were present, so much so that would appear on the News, live in fact.
  4. Angry about the death of his father and many others of his race, this single child held the desire to cause an immense amount of pain to those who wronged him. And his entire race. With a few flickers of fire in the air and screams of agony, it would surely be a calling card for those who had a keen sense, or was just near the mayhem as it happened.
  5. "COME OUT! NOW!!!Every last one of your ugly mugs."
  6. This was surely a message and a retort for the failed assault on his behalf.

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