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  1. A Wild Kitsune - MinoriToday at 5:39 PM
  2. Ok seriously.
  3. Deal with Zeus man.
  4. You can't just keep holding it off.
  5. Jdog03200Today at 5:39 PM
  6. The fuck do you mean deal with him
  7. A Wild Kitsune - MinoriToday at 5:39 PM
  8. Sorry,
  9. He's just causing so many issues.
  10. And AA'ing.
  11. Like,
  12. He apperantly
  13. Spawned a fucking
  14. Tank
  15. Not sure when it happened
  16. But he spawned a fucking tank
  17. And was killing people or some shit with it
  18. Ask leadvenom
  19. And there's other stuff similar.
  20. I'm not sure when it happened.
  21. Ask lead
  22. I'm not talking about today,
  23. I'm speaking in general.
  24. Apperantly he also
  25. Spawned an attack heli
  26. At some point
  27. Not sure when that was either.
  28. But it's just more testiments to the type of stuff he's been doing.
  29. The fact of the matter is,
  30. He's been able to get away with so many things.
  31. They ain't.
  32. I know,
  33. I'm not talking about recently in specific.
  34. I'm saying in general.
  35. To put it plainly,
  36. People hate him.
  37. Not just me,
  38. O5's hate it,
  39. But don't say anything because nothing gets done.
  40. I know this because of conversations I've had with them
  41. Personnel hate what he does,
  42. He ruins raids,
  43. Constantly.
  44. I know,
  45. Not just that,
  46. The thing is
  47. It's not a matter of getting mad at him for stuff he's done in the past.
  48. That's a lie.
  49. People have bitched.
  50. Lots.
  51. Want some picture proof?
  52. :)
  53. The problem is yelling at him doesn't do ANYTHING!
  54. That's what I've been trying to say!
  55. But even then, he's done all this stupid shit in the past and he's never been dealt with ever!
  56. You know what.
  57. Ok.
  58. I'm done.
  59. I can't deal with this stuff.
  60. You refuse to listen to what I've tried to say for a long time.
  61. So I give up.
  62. Not ALL.
  63. Lots of them have.
  64. To summarize what I've been trying to say.
  65. When will yelling at him be enough
  66. I don't know.
  67. Just something.
  68. No,
  69. Not punish him NOW.
  70. I'm saying in the future
  71. I mean you've threatened Ryan to be removed for "AA'ing" yet it's nothing compared to the shit Zeus has done.
  72. Not just every.
  73. It's not in O5 comms.
  74. Jdog03200Today at 5:49 PM
  76. A Wild Kitsune - MinoriToday at 5:50 PM
  77. He's spoke to me
  78. In DM's.
  79. Regarding it
  80. He's not happy with it,
  81. Cinnabons not happy with it
  82. Ok,
  83. Here.
  84. One moment.

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