Chat controls my fortnite games

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  1. Chat controls my Fortnite games!
  2. Hi~ I have some fun things ready for tonight while I play fortnite
  3. 100 bits - drop an item of your choice
  4. 200 bits - I have to do a dance emote
  5. 500 bits - only use grey weapons
  6. 1000 bits - grey pistol ONLY
  7. 1500 bits - solo squads
  8. now, subs will get to choose between these 3 things
  9. - my drop location
  10. - only 3 slots for the whole game
  11. - run into the storm and take half damage
  12. I hope you all have fun tonight as well as me :) I haven't been the best financially recently so I am just trying to provide great content to make me happier (and hopefully get some subs so I can unlock my 5th slot mmmk thanks)
  13. see you tonight @ 5pm PST - lesliedainty

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