connection 14

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  1. M(f): FMc in Mc’s body
  2. F(M): Mc in fmc’s body
  3. Bf or douche (d)
  4. Blonde milf= Bm
  5. Connection, Chapter starts with a recap of douche going and opening the door where fmc in mc’s body is hiding.
  6. Douche opens the door.
  7. D: Rat! I got you.
  8. D looks at F(M): Did you fuck him? (yes she did, and now are in some douche run along and allow mc to get his back)
  9. F(M);
  10. D: I should have know something was up! Ever since you said you knew him in school
  11. M(f): no..its not that..
  12. D: What? What is itn’t like? Tell me!..... Fuck You!
  13. Douche punches him/her
  14. Next few panels are of M(F) getting rekt by douche, douche keeps on asking him if M(F) is gay ot, while M(f) want to just talk (can’t we just talk?). Incomes’ F(M) telling douche to stop before her hurts m(F) bad. Douche gets more pissed and ask her if she crazy for asking him to stop and that he wants to rip him apart. They continue to bicker. Douche calls her a bitch for mc and stuff calls her stupid. M(f) gets pissed here, he tells her he could have someone else in his life, but every time her sees her, she bring peace to him (idk something like that) M(F) comes behind him and ask why is he so pissed at fmc. Douche turns around looks at him and say that he cheated on her. (iify translate here). Next, he tells them that she can’t do anything or live with him and that she only has a useful face and body. Income M(f) about to punch douche, which does not work out well. F(M) has enough and hits him with shoe.

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