Battle Loli

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  1. Key: Sobrel
  2. IC Name: Haosa Towa
  3. Skill: Battle Mage
  4. Reasoning:
  5. Haosa has shown herself as a very skilled combatant with her staff in the few confrontations she has had so far against the High Hopians. Her brilliant torch as her devil arm, a representation of her burning spirits and that unsettling, demonic glow. She'd harness it's potential and power against six different foes back-to-back, masterfully using it in tune with unarmed techniques and a myriad of ki-based destruction. With more battles on the horizon against the swarms of Oasis, powerful fighters like the advanced red Humans, and her own chaotic mindset and whims, she'd need to adapt and take on some style for herself. Battle Mage would represent her attunement with her devil arm, weaponizing the blazing staff in sync with her energy and physical strikes on an even greater level and a building block for her specialty in Demon Style as a gunman in the future

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